Institute for Nursing Care


Prof Majda Pajnkihar, PhD

T: +386 2 300 47 01

Three years after the establishment of at the time called College for Nursing, the first Institute for Nursing in Slovenia was established at the Majda Pajnkihar initiative in 1996 for conducting interdisciplinary research in nursing and in related disciplines.

The primary goal of the Institute is to recognize health care as a science discipline and profession. The basic activities of the Institute are:

  • scientific and theoretical bases in the education process development and application based on practice needs and qualitative methodology;
  • developing theoretical, empirical, methodological and reflective critical knowledge for the further development of the discipline of nursing, improving health, promoting health and ensuring the integrity of the individual;
  • linking theory and practice as the core elements of the nursing profession;
  • designing the future professional role of the nurse in the light of society's expectations, taking into account the active role of an individual as an equal partner in the process of preserving health and treatment;
  • preparing the foundations for developing knowledge for practice based on research results - "Evidence-based practice";
  • preparation of criteria for assessment and analysis of theories of nursing care.