Organization of the Faculty

Faculty leadership

Dean of the Faculty
Prof. Dr (Združeno kraljestvo Velike Britanije in Severne Irske) Majda Pajnkihar
T: +386 2 300 47 01

Vice Dean for Undergraduate Education
Viš. predav. dr. Klavdija Čuček Trifkovič
T: +386 2 300 47 04

Vice Dean for Postgraduate Study
Prof. dr. Sonja Šostar Turk
T: +386 2 300 47 05

Vice Dean for Research
Izr. prof. dr. Gregor Štiglic
T: +386 2 300 47 31

Secretary General
Vlasta Jug
T: +386 2 300 47 03

Vice Dean for Student Affairs
Jure Deželak, student
T: +386 2 300 47 07



There are 4 Chairs organized at the Faculty of Health Sciences:

  • Chair for Nursing Care (Head: Sr Lect Nataša Mlinar Reljić, MSc)
  • Chair for Bioinformatics (Head: Assist Prof Aleš Fajmut, PhD)
  • Chair for Medicine and Physiotherapy (Head: Assoc Prof Dušan Mekiš, PhD)
  • Chair for Interdisciplinary Sciences (Head: Prof Sonja Šostar Turk, PhD)

Centres and Institutes

There are many Centres and Institutes organized at the Faculty of Health Sciences:


  • Institute for Nursing Care Head: Assoc Prof Majda Pajnkihar, PhD
  • Research Institute Head: Assoc Prof Gregor Štiglic, PhD
  • Institute for Health and Nutrition Head: Prof Dušanka Mičetić - Turk, PhD
  • Institute for Balneology and Climatology Head: Prof Sonja Šostar Turk, PhD


  • Centre for the Use of Information and Communication Technologies in Health Care Head: /
  • Centre for International Cooperation Head: /
  • Simulation Centre Head: Assoc Prof Miljenko Križmarić, PhD
  • Centre for Career Development and Lifelong Learning Head: /

Student Council

The students at the University of Maribor Faculty of Health Sciences actively participate in extracurricular activities, projects and promotion activities, and are members in various Faculty and University committees.

Our core values are:

  • maintaining connectedness and communication between students,
  • cultivating a sense of belonging to the Faculty,
  • promotion of the University of Maribor Faculty of Health Sciences and nursing care,
  • development of individuals,
  • organization of social (Freshman Party, motivational weekend ...) and charity events (blood donation, help to the needy ...).

To discuss and decide on study-related issues that are important to students, each university member has a Student Council. The Student Council consists of the presidents of each study year and of one student-member of each study year, and the representative of the Council of Postgraduate Students. The Student Vice Dean is a member of the Student Council by position, and calls and chairs the meetings.