DreamSpark (MSDNAA)

Programme MSDN Academic Alliance

University of Maribor and FHS as its member, participates in the DreamSpark (MSDN Academic Alliance) programme. Membership in it allows FHS students and employees to free installation and use of the vast majority of Microsoft licensed software. The software can be installed and used under the following conditions:
• you must be employed on a regular basis or have a FHS student status,
• software acquired or borrowed may not be lent or copied,
• software may be used for non-commercial purposes such as the execution of study obligations, research, development and testing.

Access to the software included in the Dreamspark premium package:


Sign up with your digital identity:

For employees:

username: name.surname@um.si

password: <password>

For students:

username: name.surname@student.um.si

password: <password>