UM FHS Student volunteers

Every person has the deepest ability to approach people in need and help them. However, we can offer help in thousands of ways.

In order to emphasize the efforts of volunteers and to encourage as many people as possible to join them, the European Commission dedicated 2011 to volunteering with the slogan "Be a volunteer, change the world!".



Course of activity

We are a group of volunteers working within the UM FHS. Our volunteering is mainly done in the form of socializing with the elderly in the Sunny home and other homes for the elderly (pre-Christmas creative workshops, teaching elderly basic computer literacy in the framework of the PRIMER-ICT project), mothers and children from the Maternity Home and participating at various educational activities (Hospic workshop, conferences, seminars in the field of health).

Voluntary work is carried out at various institutions or outside of them (homes for the elderly, Maternity home, hospital, festivals, ...).

Time frame is agreed on meetings or via email.



In the FHS ground floor we have our own volunteer corner in the Student Club, where we publish various materials (invitations, photographs, positive thoughts, ...) and facebook.

Contact persons

Shared e-mail address:
Monika Zorman:
Valentina Grm:
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Marijana Bendra: