General information

Tutoring at the Faculty of Health Sciences is based on the main purpose of directing, leading, motivating and assisting students. With the desire to provide your information and facilitate your access to information, we started our work in academic year 2013/2014 and formed a team of student and teacher tutors who interact and cooperate with each other. Our goal is to guide you to integrate into the learning environment, motivate you throughout the semesters, help you solve problems, and try to find answers to your questions. Our aim is to develop personally in addition to successfully complete our own studies and prepare for future challenges in work and life.

On this page you can find our contact details, official hours and where to find us. We are also available on the Facebook page where you can find different notices, as well as ask students tutors questions.

Tutoring is carried out according to the Rulebook on UM FHS tutorial system. We are familiar with several forms of tutoring. More details can be found in the Rulebook on UM FHS tutorial system, which is published on the faculties’ website.

Entry tutoring is primarily intended for 1st year students with adapting to the study environment, building relationships between students and teachers. We also want to offer help in introducing work at clinical practice, working with patients and their relatives, also introducing study and other additional activities. It will surely help you in organizing and preparing for seminars and exams.

Content tutoring is carried out throughout the study period in order to ensure the quality of studies and study success. Individual tutoring involves: addressing the topic/problem in studying, deepening the already acquired knowledge, strengthening the ability to connect and critically evaluate, applying theoretical knowledge to practice, and understanding study material, counseling about elective subjects and motivating students for on-going work.

Professional tutoring is conducted in the 3rd year and is intended for students who are completing their studies, in the selection of the topic of the diploma work, advising on further education, advising and informing students about possible career paths after completing their studies.

Individual tutoring is the way in which the tutor works in tutorial hours and helps, advises, directs and answers questions to students about studies and other activities.

The student tutor's term of appointment lasts one (1) year, with the possibility of reappointment.