The University of Maribor Faculty of Health Sciences library, is an open-type higher education library. The library is included in the Library Information System of the University of Maribor (KISUM). Since 1996 it has been a full member of the bibliographic system COBISS and a member of the library of the biomedical circle of Slovenia.

The basic mission of the library is to provide all kinds of library services and information resources for study and research.The library acquires, expertly processes and lends professional literature in the fields of nursing, bioinformatics, health, medicine and related sciences.

The library is on the ground floor of the building and stretches to 109m2. It has three computer sites with access to the World Wide Web as well as the COBISS system and 15 reading places.

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 Library activity                                           
  • Lending library materials to home and to the reading room,
  • Interlibrary lending system,
  • acquainting users with the use of library and information resources,
  • providing information from computer catalogs and information sources,
  • help and advice in finding materials,
  • acquainting with library novelties,
  • access for users to the World Wide Web,
  • participation in entering bibliographic units into the COBISS mutual catalog,
  • keeping personal bibliographies of teachers and co-workers in the COBISS system,
  • implementation of thematic queries in databases,
  • information activities,
  • keeping the chronicle of the faculty,
  • help with the publishing activity of the faculty.


 Library Fund                                           


  • Books,
  • textbooks,
  • serial publications,
  • graduate thesis,
  • specialist work,
  • master thesis,
  • CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs,
  • videocassettes,
  • official gazettes,
  • databases


Access to COBISS.


Library Order                                          
  • For each visit to the library, submit a membership card.
  • You need to report the loss of membership card immediately, the cost of issuing a new card is determined by the valid price list.
  • Library material is regulated in a free approach according to the UDK system - (professional fields) and you can search for it yourself.
  • You can find the library material yourself in the COBISS/OPAC computer catalog.
  • Materials that are not in the free approach are: diploma and master thesis, specialist work and other materials,  provided by a librarian.
  • Computers in the library are intended for browsing the World Wide Web and the COBISS database.
  • User education is carried out individually, depending on the needs expressed.
  • You must return the material undamaged. Lost material must be replaced with a new copy.
  • When photocopying, you must comply with copyright and related rights.
  • Library materials are protected. When triggering the security system, you must work with the library staff.
  • The library space is intended for study, so there must be silence in it.
  • Turn off your mobile phones when entering the library.
  • You can not bring food and drinks to the library.
  • You are responsible for clothing and all personal property yourself.



The library is intended for everyone, although, according to the type of library material, it is intended primarily for students, higher education teachers.

Membership terms

Each adult and high schoolpupils can join.To join the library, you need:

  • identity document
  • index or student card
  • Personal photography 3.5 x 4.5 cm
  • signed accession statement
  • payment of the annual membership fee

Membership card

Upon enrollment, the user receives a membership card valid in all faculty libraries of the University of Maribor.

University of Maribor students may use a valid student card instead of a membership card, but they must sign an accession statement in the library.

Membership fee

Full-time, part-time and postgraduate UM students pay a membership fee upon enrollment in the study year, other users pay an annual subscription fee, which applies one year from the date of payment of the membership fee. All employees and retired employees of the University of Maribor are exempt from the annual membership fees. The unemployed are exempted from the membership fee when they submit evidence from the Employment Service.


Opening Hours                                         

The current opening hours of the library are always found in the section Office Hours.



Employees in the library                                          

Head of the library

Nevenka Balun
P: +386 2 300 47 40


Senior librarian

Zdenka Režonja
P: +386 2 300 47 22


Head of the library

Nevenka Balun
P: +386 2 300 47 40


Basic information

Address: Žitna ulica 15, 2000 Maribor

P (rent): +386 2 300 47 22

Telefax: +386 2 300 47 47


E (Interlibrary loans):