International activity


International activity at the Faculty for Health Sciences is the core that connects the development of educational, research, professional and development work at the faculty. In recent years, the faculty has managed to establish active partnerships and cooperation with reputable and recognizable educational, scientific-research and clinical institutions at the global level. Faculty of Health Sciences has concluded bilateral agreements and cooperation agreements with internationally recognized institutions from around the world.

International cooperation in the field of education is reflected in the development of current, modern and internationally comparable study programmes at all levels of education. Internationally recognized professors are also involved in education and the transfer of good practices at the faculty into existing and newly designed study programmes. At the faculty we have many years of experience in organizing and conducting clinical exercises in foreign health institutions abroad.

The results of international activity are evident in many registered, active and completed research projects. The international involvement of the faculty enables our employees and students to study at foreign universities, in the clinical and research environment in the field of health sciences. It allows students to choose mentors from a wide range of international universities. The number of international mobility for students and staff in the Erasmus + programme is growing yearly, as well as the number of bilateral agreements and projects with partner institutions and the number of foreign visiting professors.