University Didactics

At the University of Maribor the Faculty of Health Sciences the university didactics (and in this framework the didactics of nursing care) is defined as an area that is crucial for achieving the mission and development goals of the faculty. According to this definition, university didactics means all knowledge, activities and processes that contribute to improving the quality and efficiency of education, and thus to increase knowledge in the fields covered by the faculty's study programmes. It is particularly important that the acquired knowledge is based on professional and research work, supported by evidence and relevant and useful both for the subject or for the subject field (discipline), as for its teaching and learning (studies).

The main goals of higher education didactics at UM FZV are:

  • to study, develop and promote the use of modern approaches to teaching and learning (study) in the fields covered by the faculty with their programmes,
  • to develop and optimize courses and study programmes (curriculum) with the aim of achieving coherence of learning contents and teaching and learning modes (study) including the objectives and competences to be acquired by students,
  • to carry out various forms of didactic education and training for lecturers and faculty associates (lectures, seminars, workshops, etc.)
  • provide expert support and advice in the field of providing and promoting the quality and efficiency of education at UM FHS,
  • acquaint students with modern approaches to learning, study and help them develop strategies and skills for effective study (learning to learn),
  • to develop and publish materials and publications intended for the didactical training of academic staff and for the development of higher education didactics as a scientific discipline,
  • implement and participate in the implementation of domestic and international projects aimed at improving the didactic competence of academic staff and increasing the quality and efficiency of the faculty's educational activities.


Forms and contents of didactic training

Didactic training is carried out in the manner or in the form of interactive lectures and problem-based training workshops using experiential and reflective methods and techniques of teaching and learning. The content (topics) and the way they are implemented are tailored to the needs and interests of the participants.