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University of Maribor Faculty of Health Sciences (UM FHS) and The George Washington University School of Nursing (GWUSON) have established very productive collaboration in the educational field within a very short time.

Close cooperation was established thanks to UM FHS Dean, Prof Majda Pajnkihar, PhD, RN, FAAN, who, as part of her visit to the States in November 2018, while attending the American Academy of Nursing, presented the idea of ​​collaboration with GWUSON to Dean Pamela D. Jeffries, PhD, RN, FAAN, ANEF, FSSH, who is a highly internationally recognized and respected, nursing theorist and researcher.

The GWUSON Dean also briefly visited the UM FHS and delivered a lecture for higher education teachers, teaching assistants and students, and furthermore accepted an invitation to become a visiting professor at UM FHS. In little over a year of cooperation, UM FHS employees visited GWUSON and attended a training course in a simulated environment. UM FHS was also visited by Prof Carol S. Lang, DScN, MSc, RN, as one of the goals of both faculties is also the mobility of both faculties’ students and staff and the transfer of good practices.

In the first week of November, UM FHS was hosting the first students from GWUSON and Assist Prof Carol S. Lang, DScN, MSc, RN. As part of their visit, five GWUSON students undertook commitments as part of their nursing education at the family medicine practice and the local community. During the visit, Mr. Aleksander Jus, from Health center dr. Adolf Drolc Maribor presented health care system in Slovenia. Mr. Mladen Kraljić from the UM’s International Office presented the excellent international activity of our university. Presentation of health system in United States and interviews of students from our faculty also took place. Foreign students visited the Maribor High School of Health and Cosmetics, where they presented the health-related issues that adolescents face in their everyday life. They visited the National Institute of Public Health, where they had the privilege to listen to the presentations of their excellent experts about the public health system in Slovenia and furthermore explained to our guests the differences between the American and our public health systems. A meeting was also organized with a representative of the US Embassy, ​​Mr. Brian J. Street. The students were in clinical training in the faculty's teaching base - community nursing and family medicine practice of the Health center dr. Adolf Drolc Maribor. The students were also acquainted with Slovenian culture by visiting Ljubljana, Maribor and Ptuj and socializing with students and faculties’ employees outside their study obligations.

UM FHS and GWUSON wish to further deepen their cooperation in the field of education by designing a study program for nurses with advanced knowledge in the field of gerontological nursing. It is planned to educate UM FHS higher education teachers at GWUSON to gain knowledge and experience through advanced nursing practice. We are actively developing a project to acquire a Fulbright Fellowship from GWUSON.

There are opportunities opening up for collaboration in the field of clinical education and innovative educational strategies for the simulated clinical environment.


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University of Maribor Faculty of Health Sciences will be hosting 5 students and Assist Prof Carol S. Lang DScN, MSc, RN from The George Washington University School of Nursing, United States in the first week of November 2019.

During their visit they presentations of the health system in Slovenia and the USA will be implemented, a visit of foreign students at the Secondary School of Health and Cosmetics, Maribor, interviews of UM FHS students will take place, as well as visits to health institutions of national importance and clinical training in the local clinical environment.

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On September 18th 2019, the celebration of “University of Maribor day”, at the proposal of the Faculty of Health Sciences, the University of Maribor Prof Hugh P. Mc Kenna, PhD was awarded the University of Maribor Honorary Doctorate.

Professor Hugh P. Mc Kenna, CBE, PhD, B.Sc (Hons), RMN, RGN, RNT, DipN (Lond), AdvDipEd, FFN RCSI, FEANS, FRCN, FAAN is a leading International Nursing specialist, researcher, mentor, author, Professor of Nursing and Dean of the Medical School Development University of Ulster, Northern Ireland. Previously, he held the position of Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation for five years, and for seven years he was Dean of the Faculty of Life and Health Sciences. He was also the head of the School of Health Sciences.

Professor Hugh P. Mc Kenna has actively supported and participated in the development and preparation of PhD programs in Postgraduate (3rd degree) study programme Nursing Care at the University of Maribor Faculty of Health Sciences. He is a co-lecturer in charge of the subjects of Nursing Care and Research Methods as well as Theories, Concepts and Practice of Nursing Care. With his international recognition and excellence, he helped in the development of UM FHS at the global level and significantly contributed to the promotion of doctoral Nursing Care study and thus the promotion of the University of Maribor.

He has received many prestigious British and international awards for his work, among which it should be noted that in 2008 the Queen of the United Kingdom awarded him the title Commander of the British Empire, in 2009 he received the honorary title Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing (FAAN) in 2009 as the third European and the fifteenth member.

He has over 250 publications, including eleven books and more than £4 million in research funding. His published work has been cited more than 10.000 times and has an H-index of 40. He has been a mentor of 16 doctoral students who have successfully completed their studies.

Together with co-authors Majda Pajnkihar and Fiona A. Murphy, he published a textbook in 2014 entitled "Fundamentals of Nursing Models, Theories and Practice", which received excellent reviewes of the prestigious magazine Nursing Standard, furthermore in 2018, it was also published in Slovenian language.

Professor Hugh P. McKenna, PhD, is a person who, through his excellent work, knowledge, global recognition and research, contributes to the visibility of nursing and the University of Maribor Faculty of Health Sciences in Europe and the world.

On receiving the title University of Maribor Honorary Doctor we sincerely congratulate Prof Hugh P. Mc Kenna, PhD.


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University of Maribor Faculty of Health Sciences (UM FHS) researchers are partners in a new  Erasmus+ (Strategic Partnership for Higher Education) project ‘Student Stress Training e-Mobile Management (SSTeMM)’, coordinated by Waterford Institute for Technology The School of Health Science (WIT SHS)  from Ireland. Almost € 300.000,00 funding has been secured for a two year pan-European research project, which aims to develop an end-user accessible digital mobile platform providing stress management support tailored to the immediate needs of student nurses whilst they are in their clinical placement.

UM FHS will, in collaboration with WIT SHS and other partners in the project: University Pompeu Fabra, School of Health Sciences Tecnocampus from Barcelona, Spain, IBK Management Solutions from Wiesbaden, Germany and University for Business and Technology from Kosovo, implement the project with outsourced help of the Telecommunications Software Systems Group (TSSG), the School of Humanities at WIT and UPMC Whitfield Hospital in Waterford. It is anticipated that a minimum of 200 student nurses, as well as their internship mentors, will participate in this project across Ireland, Spain, Slovenia and Kosovo. It is anticipated that SSTeMM’s impact will extend beyond student nurses, providing lessons on student stress management and support for a range of disciplines where work placement forms a significant part of the curriculum.

Speaking at the project launch meeting, on September 23rd and 24th in Dublin, Ireland, project co-ordinator, Professor John Wells, PhD, said that “Mental distress amongst college attending young people has considerably increased over the last 20 years or so. We also know that work based stress is a major public health problem across Europe and that  the health care sector is one of the most significantly stressful employment environments. Student nurses have to attend college based and work in the health care environment to complete their nurse education. They are therefore subject to both college and work based stress at the same time during their education. The purpose of SSTeMM is to examine this potential double whammy faced by student nurses and develop supports for them to manage stress when it arises.”

SSTeMM will support student nurses to develop personal resilience to enhance their work engagement experience.  It will equip these student nurses and the clinical staff who support them when on placement with stress management skills and competencies that will develop and l support their personal wellbeing whilst in training and once they have qualified.

At UM FHS, we are proud of the newly acquired project and we congratulate the project team, led by Assist Prof Dominika Vrbnjak, PhD, RN, and Prof Majda Pajnkihar, PhD, RN, FAAN. Numerous research and data from the NIPH show that young people in Slovenia are increasingly exposed to stress. The nursing population is also considered to be a particularly disadvantaged occupational group, and the consequences are also reflected in the early exiting of the profession and, unfortunately, the increasing number of nurses working abroad. The project is therefore an additional confirmation that researchers at the UM FHS are actively involved in finding solutions to important societal challenges.


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Assist Prof Carol S. Lang DScN, MSc, RN


Director of Community and Global Initiatives



University of Maribor, The Faculty of Health Sciences will be hosting Assist Prof Carol S. Lang DScN, MSc, RN from The George Washington University School of Nursing, United States of America in the first week of September 2019.

During her visit presentations of GWU, School of Nursing and research work will be held as well as final discussion for hosting nursing students from the partner institution in Slovenia.


Assist Prof Carol S. Lang DScN, MSc, RN,  is a Director of Community and Global Initiatives. Her current research field covers global population health and global stigma of mental health. She is a member of numerous national and international nurses associations and is a recipient of many awards and recognitions for her contributions to global nursing education. Read more:

Read more:


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Tara Sacco is Visiting Assistant Professor at the St. John Fisher College, Wegmans School of Nursing. Her clinical practice and research interests include burn, trauma and neuroscience nursing; adult critical care nursing; organ donation and transplantation; nursing quality of life and healthy work environment; critical care outcomes measurement. She is Critical care Clinical Nurse Specialist with over 14 years of experience in trauma, burn, and neuroscience. Additional information::






Lori A. Dambaugh is Assistant Professsor at the St. John Fisher College, Wegmans School of Nursing. Assistant Professor Dr. Dambaugh teaches pathophysiology/pharmacology and medical/surgical nursing in the undergraduate department and serves as the clinical nurse specialist program director and teaches seminars in the graduate program. She maintains a clinical practice at Rochester General Hospital in a progressive pulmonary care unit. Additional information:





University of Maribor, Faculty of Health Sciences is organizing a Health Assessment Workshop on 10th and 11th June 2019. The program of the expert meeting is intended for higher education teachers and invited colleagues of the faculty, who are dealing with this topic in their pedagogical/research work. There is no registration fee. The workshop will be held in English.




10:00 Introduction: Focused vs. Complete Assessment, General Survey   

Tara Sacco


10:30-11:30 Respiratory Assessment (Ear, Nose, Throat), (Chest, Thorax)   

Lori Dambaugh


11:30-11:45 Odmor
11:45-12:45 Cardiac   

Lori Dambaugh


12:45-13:00 Summary   

Tara Sacco, Lori Dambaugh





10:00-11:00 Neurologic Assessment   

Tara Sacco


11:00-11:15 Odmor   
11:15-12:00 Abdomen   

Tara Sacco


12:00-12:30 Renal/Genitourinary   

Lori Dambaugh


12:30-13:00 Summary   

Tara Sacco, Lori Dambaugh





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University of Maribor, Faculty of Health Sciences is hosting gosti Assoc Prof Yueaxian Tao, PhD, a renowned Chinese Professor and Director of School of Medicine, Hangzou Normal University from 3rd till 14th June 2019.


As part of her visit, she will collaborate with UM FHS researchers on the project "Perception of Care among Slovenian and Chinese Nursing Students", obtained at the Public Call for Co-financing Scientific Research Cooperation between the Republic of Slovenia and the People's Republic of China in the years 2018-2020. She will also hold a lecture for higher education teachers and students and participate in other educational activities at the faculty.


More information

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University of Maribor Faculty of Health Sciences is hosting Prof Dr Pamela R. Jeffries RN, FAAN, ANEF, FSSH, Dean of The George Washington University School of Nursing, US, from 27th May till 31st May 2019.

Prof Dr Pamela R. Jeffries, professor of nursing and dean of George Washington University School of Nursing, is internationally known for her research and work in nursing and health care education. Her field of research also includes simulations, clinical education and innovative teaching strategies.

Dr Jeffries is a fellow of the American Academy of Nursing and an inductee of the prestigious Sigma Theta Tau Research Hall of Fame.


More information is available at:

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Dr. Gregor Štiglic, a renowned international researcher and higher education teacher, has once again proven his excellence, as today we were pleased to receive news, that he was named Associate Editor of Elsevier's Artificial Intelligence in Medicine Journal ( The before mentioned journal with the impact factor of 2.88 (2017) is considered to be the journal with the longest tradition in the field of scientific research on the use of artificial intelligence in all areas of health, and is ranked in the first quarter of artificial intelligence journals, according to the Journal Citation Reports methodology.

For the second year in a row Dr. Gregor Štiglic was also named as Distinguished reviewer with the same journal:

We would like to extend our congratulation to Dr. Gregor Štiglic and wish him a lot of successful scientific research activities in the future.


Prof Majda Pajnkihar, PhD, RN, FAAN

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The University of Maribor Faculty of Health Sciences is hosting eminent foreign professors Professor Emeritus Charles Anthony Butterworth, University of Lincoln, UK and Associate Professor Gemma Stacy, University of Nottingham, UK.

During their visit the International meeting »Resilience Based Clinical Supervision« will be organized, as well as lectures for students and staff.


Professor Emeritus Charles Anthony Butterworth is a qualified mental health and general nurse with significant experience in hospital and community settings as well as in teaching and research. He has published extensively and supervised more than 20 students to the successful completion of their PhD. He developed and led one of the first educational courses for community psychiatric nurses in the world and developed original work on clinical supervision for nurses, midwives and health visitors.




Associate Professor Gemma Stacy is currently employed as an Associate Professor in the School of Health Sciences at the University of Nottingham where she is the Director of Public Engagement. She has an established profile in leading research and educational innovation which is underpinned by the principles of co-production. She is the founder and Chair of the Critical Values Based Practice Network who conduct research into the perception and influence of power and hierarchy amongst professional groups in the area of shared decision-making.



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University of Maribor Faculty of Health Sciences hosts a distinguished researcher in the field of nursing from University of Hull (UK), Prof Dr Roger Watson from 25th till 28th February 2019. As part of his visit, Professor Watson holds lectures and seminars for PhD students enrolled in the doctoral study programme Nursing Care and employees of the faculty.

More about Professor Watson here.

Professor Roger Watson, BSc, PhD, RN, FRSB, FFNMRCSI, FRSA, FHEA, FEANS, FRCP Edin, FRCN, FAAN








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We are pleased to inform you that Assoc Prof STACY JOHNSON, the RELATE project manager was awarded an Member of the British Empire (MBE) for services in health and higher education. University of Maribor, Faculty of Health Sciences is a partner in the RELATE project - European Junior Leadership Academy for Student Nurses.

We congratulate our esteemed colleague for an MBE award and wish her successful work in the future.

Prof Majda Pajnkihar, PhD

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Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Maribor, Professor Majda Pajnkihar, PhD, became a Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing at the ceremony on 3rd November 2018 in Washington DC, USA. Only 30 Europeans among the 2500 members hold the prestigious membership.

The Academy serves the public and the nursing profession by advancing health policy, practice and science through organizational excellence and effective nursing leadership. Every day across America, the Academy and its members create and execute knowledge-driving and policy-related initiates to drive reform of America's health system.

Academy's more than 2,500 members, known as Fellows, are nursing's most accomplished leaders in education management, practice and research. Fellows include association executives; university presidents, chancellors, and deans; state and federal political appointees; hospital chief executives and vice presidents for nursing; nurse consultants; researchers; and entrepreneurs.

More info:

Fellows have been recognized for their extraordinary nursing careers and are among the nation's most highly-educated citizens: more than 90% hold doctoral degrees and the rest have completed master’s programs. Invitation to the fellowship represents more than recognition of one's accomplishments within the nursing profession. Academy fellows also have a responsibility to contribute their time and energies to the Academy and to engage with other health leaders outside the Academy in transforming America's health system by enhancing the quality of health and nursing care, promoting healthy aging and human development across the life continuum, reducing health disparities and inequalities, shaping healthy behaviours and environments, integrating mental and physical health, and strengthening the nursing and health delivery system, nationally and internationally.

Professor Majda Pajnkihar, PhD, was the first in Slovenia to receive her doctoral degree in nursing care, and in 2008 she was elected to assistant professor, in 2013 to associate professor, and in 2018 she was named a full-time professor in the field of nursing care. She was the first in Slovenia to publish a textbook for nursing care. She is a visiting professor in many foreign universities and is a member of numerous associations and editorial boards and has received numerous awards. With her exceptional research and managerial work, she has greatly influenced the development of nursing in Slovenia and the wider region, which was also observed in the USA. On this occasion, the University of Maribor Faculty of Health Sciences congratulates Professor Majda Pajnkihar for this outstanding recognition.


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University of Maribor, Faculty of Health Sciences organized an international scientific conference "Research and education in nursing care" on 7th June 2018, where higher education teachers and students from renowned universities presented current scientific and research papers for effective, safe, patient and family-oriented health treatment.


The main honorary patron of the conference was the President of the Republic of Slovenia, Mr. Borut Pahor. The honorary patron of the event was also the Nurses and Midwives Association of Slovenia. The purpose of the international scientific conference was to present the results of research in support of practice and education, an interdisciplinary and interprofessional approach in nursing care and health sciences in Slovenia and internationally, furthermore it provided an opportunity for nursing practitioners and educators to exchange research evidence, models of best practice and innovative ideas in the development of the core of knowledge.


Higher education teachers and students from renowned universities presented 28 articles related to current and complex areas of nursing and health care, where nurses need evidence-based knowledge for the development of education and practice. The basic concepts and theoretical models and current topics of interdisciplinary and interprofessional areas of nursing were presented.


International cooperation, networking, exchange of experience, knowledge and current scientific and research evidence for the application in practice and education are one of the basic tasks of the faculty and an excellent opportunity for discussion of the participants of the conference on the possibilities of designing and developing joint research projects.



The conference included contributions and lectures of domestic and foreign experts and students in the field of nursing and health sciences. The event was attended by professors from widely recognized foreign universities:

  • University of Nottingham, School of Health Sciences, United Kingdom,
  • Trinity College Dublin, School of Nursing and Midwifery, Ireland,
  • ESEL, Lisbon School of Nursing, Portugal,
  • University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom,
  • Sheffield Hallam University, Faculty of Health and Wellbeing, United Kingdom,
  • Waterford Institute of Technology, Department of Nursing, Ireland,
  • University of Akureyri School of Health Sciences, Iceland,
  • Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University, Russia,
  • UMIT, Private University of Health Sciences, Medical Informatics and Technology, Austria,
  • University of Pécs, Faculty of Health Sciences, Hungary,
  • University Josip Juraj Strossmayer Osijek, Faculty of Dental Medicine and Health Care, Croatia,
  • University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Health Studies, Bosnia and Herzegovina,
  • University of Rijeka, Faculty of Health Studies, Croatia,
  • Heimerer College, Nursing Department, Republic of Kosovo.

The Solemn Ceremony of the 25th anniversary of the University of Maribor, Faculty of Health Sciences took place on June 7th 2018, at 17:00 in the Kazinska Hall of Slovenian National Theater Maribor.

Awards and recognitions of University of Maribor, Faculty of Health Sciences were presented at the event. The purpose of presenting awards and acknowledgments is to honor outstanding achievements, merit and achievements in the pedagogical and scientific research field, mentor work or other important achievements of students, employees and institutions that have significantly contributed to the overall development, reputation and implementation of the faculty.



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We are glad to inform you that we have set up an anti-stress corner in our library - »Colour and relieve stress

Colouring relaxes us, reduces stress, removes negative thoughts, increases our concentration and encourages creativity.

The anti-stress corner is available to all our users during the official hours of the library.

Kindly invited!



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We are pleased to announce that University of Maribor Faculty of Health Sciences is hosting a distinguished foreign professor and researcher from 13th till 15th March 2018.

Prof Dr Kader Parahoo is employed at School of Nursing, University of Ulster. He received his doctorate at Keele University in the UK. He has been the Director of the Institute for Nursing and Health Research from 2005 to 2010. For two decades he has been teaching research at the undergraduate and postgraduate level and has been actively and extensively publishing in the field of nursing. Among other things he is the author of the monograph "Nursing Research: Principles, Process and Issues".

Recent publications

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University of Maribor Faculty of Health Sciences is hosting  the Dean of School of Health Science at Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland, Prof John S G Wells, PhD from 12th till 16th March 2018. Professor is lecturing students at 1st Degree Undergraduate Study Programme Nursing Care and 2nd Degree Postgraduate Study Programme Nursing Care.

Professor John S G Wells is a Fellow Ad Eundem of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and holds degrees from King's College London (PhD in Nursing); London Guildhall University/ London Metropolitan University (MSc in Care Policy and Management); Manchester University (BA Hons in History) and Southbank University (Post Graduate Diploma in Education). He is a Visiting Professor in Nursing at King's College, University of London, UK; a Visiting Professor in Mental Health and Social Integration at the University of Lincoln, UK and a Visiting Professor in Nursing at the University of Maribor, Slovenia. He trained as a mental health nurse at St George's Hospital School of Nursing at Springfield Hospital in London. He then held a number of clinical and management positions in mental health services including Staff Nurse in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Community Mental Health Nurse, and Ward Manager, Acute Psychiatric Admissions at the Maudsley and Bethlem Hospital and Springfield Hospital in London. 

He took up his first academic appointment in 1991 as a lecturer in mental health nursing at the Maudsley Hospital School of Nursing. This was followed in 1993 with an appointment as a lecturer in nursing at King's College, University of London, where he remained until 1998 when he moved to Ireland and took up a lectureship in Psychiatric Nursing based in WIT. Professor Wells has a strong interest in clinical education. He is a qualified teacher and registered nurse tutor with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland, where he is also chairperson of the Education and Training Committee, He is also qualified in the use of MITA teaching approaches. Professor Wells was awarded a PhD by research from King's College London in 2004 with a thesis entitled ‘Community Mental Health Policy In The 1990s: A Case Study In Corporate And ‘Street Level’ Implementation’. Supervisor: Professor Dame Jennifer Wilson-Barnett (King's College London); Examiners: Professor Edward Peck (University of Birmingham) and Professor Jennifer Secker (Anglia Ruskin University).


All activities are implemented as part the project “Integration of visiting foreign experts and higher education lecturers into the teaching process as the pillar of quality development of the internationalization process at the University of Maribor”, selected in the Public call: Short and long visits of foreign experts and higher education teachers to Slovenian higher education institutions in years 2016-2018.            


The project is co-funded by the European Social Fund and the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport. The project is implemented within the framework of the Operational Programme for the implementation of the cohesion policy for the period 2014-2020, 10th priority axis: Knowledge, skills and lifelong learning to enhance employability; Investment priority: 10.1 Enhancing equal access to lifelong learning for all age groups in formal, non-formal and informal settings, upgrading the knowledge, skills and competences of the workforce, and promoting flexible learning pathways including through career guidance and validation of acquired competences; Specific objective: 10.1.3: Promoting flexible learning pathways and support high-quality career orientation for school-age youth at all levels of the education system.


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University of Maribor Faculty of Health Sciences hosted a distinguished researcher in the field of nursing from University of Hull (UK), Prof Dr Roger Watson from 27th February till 3rd March 2017. As part of his visit, Professor Watson conducted lectures and seminars for PhD students enrolled in the doctoral study programme Nursing Care and employees of the faculty.

On this occasion, the faculty congratulates Professor Watson for the outstanding recognition of the Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI). He was included in the International Nurse Researcher Hall of Fame, which is considered a particularly prized recognition for every researcher in the field of nursing care. The official announcement of the new members of the International Nurse Researcher Hall of Fame will be held in July at the annual STTI congress in Dublin.

More about Professor Watson here.

Professor Roger Watson, BSc, PhD, RN, FRSB, FFNMRCSI, FRSA, FHEA, FEANS, FRCP Edin, FRCN, FAAN