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Book of Abstracts

University of Maribor Faculty of Health Sciences is organizing an international scientific conference “Research and Education in Nursing” to be held on June 13th 2019 at the faculty and will include most recent findings of domestic and foreign researchers in nursing and other fields of healthcare.

The conference aims to explore advances in nursing research and education in Slovenian and international arena, furthermore it will provide an opportunity for nursing practitioners and educators to exchange research evidence, models of best practice and innovative ideas.

We cordially invite you to submit your abstracts.

With great anticipation we look forward to this year's conference "Research and education in Nursing", which we traditionally organize at our faculty. Days before and after the conference are inspiring and interwoven with numerous research and educational activities, gatherings and acquiring new knowledge, experiences and ideas. It is a great honor for us to host lectures, held by globally recognized and valued professors, researchers of Nursing Care.


Professor Jacqueline Fawcett, RN; PhD; ScD (hon); FAAN, ANEF              

 Professor of Nursing

College of Nursing and Health Sciences University of Massachusetts Boston


Professor Dr Jacqueline Fawcett is an internationally known metatheorist, with expertise in the nature and structure of the knowledge of nursology. She is considered as one of the most widely recognized authorities on nursing meta-theory, conceptual models of nursing, and nursing theory development. Nurses and nursing students know her as nursologist who has contributed to the formulation of the metaparadigm of nursolgy including the  interrelated concepts of human beings, environment, health, and nursologists’ activities (Fawcett, 2012) and to understanding of conceptual models as guides for developing different levels of theory (grand, middle-range, and situation-specific) (Clarke & Fawcett, 2013).

Professor Dr Fawcett has been a nurse educator and mentor for more than 50 years. Her teaching expertise includes issues in contemporary disciplinary knowledge and development of conceptual-theoretical-empirical structures for research, education, and practice.

Currently, Dr Fawcett is a Professor in the Department of Nursing, College of Nursing and Health Sciences, University of Massachusetts Boston. Previously, she held faculty positions at the University of Connecticut and the University of Pennsylvania. Professor Dr Fawcett received her BS degree in Nursing from Boston University, AM degree in Parent-Child Nursing from New York University and PhD degree in Nursing from New York University. She has also received an honorary Doctor of Science degree from Université Laval in Quebec, Canada.

Professor Dr. Fawcett’ ongoing programs of Roy Adaptation Model-based research have focused on adaptation to life events for more than 30 years. She has authored or co-authored in more than 200 journal articles, 11 books (including one fifth edition and two third editions), three monographs, and 95 chapters in books and monographs. Her most recent books are Applying Conceptual Models of Nursing: Research, Quality Improvement, and Practice (2017), and co-edited with Sarah Beckman, The Neuman Systems Model: Celebrating Academic-Practice Partnerships (2017).

She is also a recipient of various fellowships and awards:

  • Fellow of Academy of Nursing Education and Fellow of American Academy of Nursing,
  • Betty Neuman Award for Nursing Leadership from Walsh University Byers School of Nursing, North Canton, Ohio,
  • Living Legend, Massachusetts Association of Registered Nurses, 
  • Anne K. Kibrick Award for Excellence in Nursing Leadership, Theta Alpha Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau,
  • Award for Leadership in Nursing Theory, Science, and Practice, Theta Alpha Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau,
  • Distinguished Scholar in Nursing, New York University,
  • Distinguished Alumna, New York University Division of Nursing,
  • Chancellor’s Distinguished Scholarship Award, University of Massachusetts Boston.

In 2010 she was also named by The Web Nurse as “One of the Top 20 Most Influential People in the Nursing Field”.

Professor Dr Fawcett is also an active member of and blogger for the, a website that was launched by a small group of nursologists in 2018 and has been designed to serve as “a repository providing the most current and accurate information about [our] discipline‐specific knowledge that advances human betterment globally” (Fawcett, 2018).

Professor Dr Fawcett’s body of research has made a lasting impact on the discipline of nursology. She has dedicated her work to helping nursologists advance nursology through theory and research. She is convinced that “one of the most central matters to the survival of the discipline of nursing is an understanding of the nature and structure of nursing knowledge” and that “every [nursologist] must use an explicit nursing conceptual model and explicit nursing theories to guide activities associated with practice, research, education, and administration” (Fawcett, 2012). According her beliefs, nursologists are not only responsible for generating  and disseminating knowledge but also for using that knowledge in service to human beings.

Sources and additional information:

Clarke, P. N., & Fawcett, J. (2013). Life as a nurse metatheorist. Nursing Science Quarterly, 26(3), 238-240. doi:10.1177/0894318413489185

Fawcett, J. (2012). The future of nursing: how important is discipline-specific knowledge? A conversation with Jacqueline Fawcett. Interview by Dr. Janie Butts and Dr. Karen Rich. Nursing Science Quarterly, 25(2), 151-154. doi:10.1177/0894318412437955

Fawcett, J. (2019). Nursology revisited and revived. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 75, 919–920.  doi:10.1111/jan.13925


Professor Wilfred McSherry, PhD, MPhil, BSc (Hons) PGCRM, PGCE (FE,) RGN, NT, FHA                

Professor in Nursing

Professor in Nursing, Department of Nursing, School of Health and Social Care, Staffordshire University, Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust


Wilf is Professor in Nursing, which is a shared appointment between Department of Nursing, School of Health and Social Care, Staffordshire University and the University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust. Wilf is also Part-time Professor at VID University College, Bergen, Norway.

Wilf has had a career in nursing working as a Registered Nurse primarily within Acute Hospital Care. His interest in the spiritual dimension developed alongside a realisation that this aspect of care was neglected and forgotten by some healthcare professionals. He has published several books and many articles addressing different aspects of the spiritual dimension such as educational issues, and spiritual assessment. He completed his doctoral studies at Leeds Metropolitan University in May 2005 researching ‘The meaning of spirituality and spiritual care: An investigation of healthcare professionals, patients and public’s perceptions’. In 2010, Wilf lead on a piece of work for the Royal College of Nursing exploring members perceptions of spirituality.

Wilf is a founding and executive member of the British Association for The Study of Spirituality (BASS) ( and a Principal Fellow of The Higher Education Academy. In 2012 he was made a Fellow of the Royal College of Nursing for his unique contribution to nursing in the areas of spirituality and dignity. Wilf is currently leading a large European project titled Enhancing Nurses Competence in Providing Spiritual Care through Innovation Education and Compassionate Care (EPICC)


    Professor Huda Abu-Saad Huijer RN, PhD, FEANS, FAAN             

    Professor & Dean, Hariri School of Nursing, American University of Beirut (Beirut, Lebanon)

    Dr. Abu-Saad Huijer received her BSN from AUB and her Masters and PhD from the University of Florida, USA. Her career span includes professorial positions at the University of California, San Francisco, University of Maastricht, the Netherlands, University of Surrey UK, and currently AUB. During her academic tenure in the Netherlands as head of the Nursing Science Program, she was instrumental in developing the MSN and PhD programs, and in establishing the Centre for Nursing Research. Since her appointment at AUB in 2003 she has launched the MSN, RN-BSN, (bridging degree), and BA/BS-BSN (second degree) programs of study and has coordinated the accreditation of both BSN and MSN programs by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) in the USA. More recently, she developed the PhD program in Nursing Science which was launched academic year 2018-19. Dr. Huijer’s program of research is on pain management and palliative care in children and adults. She is currently involved in a number of studies addressing chronic pain and palliative care in Lebanon. She is past president of the Lebanese Society for the Study of Pain and Vice-President of the National Committee on Pain Relief and Palliative Care. Dr. Huijer is the author of more than 300 scholarly publications and 2 books.

    Dr. Huijer received many awards & recognitions for her research work: Life Time Achievement Award from the McMillan Cancer Fund in London; Pioneers Award from the Order of Nurses in Lebanon; distinguished researcher award from the Scientific Society of Arab Nursing Faculties. She was also inducted into the Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI) Nurse Researcher Hall of Fame, awarded the International Association for the Study of Pain Honorary membership, received the Princess Mona Regional Award for her significant contribution to the nursing profession, and most recently received the National Center for Scientific Research career award for her life time research achievements.   


    Senior Lecturer Nataša Mlinar Reljić, MSc               

    PhD student

    Nataša Mlinar Reljić is graduate of Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Maribor (1996, 2000) and Faculty of Organisational Sciences University of Maribor (2001). She obtained Postgraduate 2nd degree study programme Management in Health and Social organization also at Faculty of Health Sciences University of Maribor (2012). Currently she is a PhD student of Nursing at Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Maribor. Nataša has worked for twelve years in the clinical environment as a registered nurse. For 6 years, she worked at the regional hospital and for the 5 years at the primary health center. Since 2008 she has been employed at the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Maribor as a senior lecturer for subjects: Nursing care on geriatric field and Spirituality in nursing care. She is a Head of Chair of Nursing Care since 2017. Her research work has been presented at the international conferences and published in journals and in a book section. Nataša have some experiences on the different projects in nursing field.

    *The organizer reserves the right to change the programme.


    Conference topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

    • Evidence based and Informed Nursing
    • Safety, Caring and Care for Patients
    • Research and Education in Nursing and Health Care
    • Leadership in Nursing, Nursing Management and Nursing Practice
    • Spirituality, Health and Nursing Practice


    Important submission dates:


    General Information:

    • Abstracts can be submitted in English or Slovenian, but must be presented in English language.
    • We are requesting abstracts and not full papers; they should be structured using IMRAD.
    • All abstracts will be subject to blind peer review and published in the Conference Proceedings.
    • All authors will receive a Certificate of Participation.
    • All participants shall arrange and cover the costs of their travel and accommodation.
    • Fee payment for the conference:
    • Active participants 100,00 EUR including VAT
    • Passive participants 120,00 EUR including VAT
    • Other students 45,00 EUR including VAT
    • Staff and students of the University of Maribor Faculty of Health Sciences are exempt from the fee payments.


    We look forward to seeing you in Maribor.



      There will be photos/videos taken at the event in order to promote the event. For more information, click here.
    14.03.2019 to 15.03.2019
    Workshop 124
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    Facilitators: Prof Majda Pajnkihar, RN, PhD, FAAN, Assist Prof Dr Dominika Vrbnjak, Assist Prof Dr Margaret Denny


    University of Maribor, Faculty of Health Sciences is organizing a workshop on Evidence Based Practice on 14th and 15th March 2019. The programme of the workshop is dedicated to the higher education teachers and invited associates of the faculty. There is no fee. The workshop will be held in Slovene and English language.

    Thursday, 14.03.2019

    09:00-9:30 Evidence Based Practice: Definition and importance 

    Lecture by Dr Pajnkihar, Dr Vrbnjak


    9:30-11:00 Evidence Based Practice: Basic steps 

    Lecture by Dr Pajnkihar, Dr Vrbnjak


    11:00-11:30 Break 
    11:30-13:00 Skilling up the steps of Evidence Based Practice: formulating PICOT question, searching for the best evidence, critically appraise the evidence, integrating the evidence with clinical expertise and patient preferences and values, evaluate the outcomes and disseminate results 

    Workshop by Dr Denny


    Friday, 15.03.2019

    09:00-10:10  Skilling up and working through the scenarios using the Evidence Based Practice simulation – for selected topics 

    Workshop by Dr Denny


    11:00-11:30 Break 
    11:30-13:00  Skilling up and working through the scenarios using the Evidence Based Practice simulation – for selected topics 

    Workshop by Dr Denny


    07.01.2019 to 11.01.2019
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    University of Maribor, The Faculty of Health Sciences is hosting Dr. Rosie STENHOUSE from University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom, in the timeframe from 7th till 11th January 2019.

    During her visit, she will hold lectures for students and briefly present her research work at the Research Afternoon, which will take place on Tuesday, January 8th 2019, at 1.30 pm.

    Dr Rosie Stenhouse (School of Health and Social Science) is a lecturer at all levels of study, and her research field covers mental health, research methods, dementia, and emotional intelligence. She is a member of numerous national and international nurses associations and is a recipient of many awards and recognitions. Read more:


    24.05.2019 - 08:00 to 15:00
    UM FZV
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    Conference is under the honorary patronage of Nurses and Midwives of Slovenia and Mestna občina Maribor


    University of Maribor, Faculty of Health Sciences is organising


    on 24 MAY 2019


    We are pleased to invite you to participate in the 11th Student Conference on Health Sciences with international participation, which will be held under the title: »Health Sciences Students’ Research Contributes to Health and Development of Modern Society«.

    Students contribute to mutual cooperation and strengthening of professional identity for today and for the future. By participating in research, they contribute to the development of knowledge for the health of individuals, families and society. Students’ ability to transfer and apply theoretical knowledge to practice and solve professional problems in a way that is evidence-based and person-centred is fundamental for autonomous professional work at all levels of health care.

    The Student Conference is an opportunity to promote the development, dissemination and use of knowledge in the field of nursing and health sciences. We invite students to present works that were created in the form of project, research, seminar or final work during the course of studies under the mentorship and co-mentorship of higher education teachers.

    Each faculty/college can participate in the student conference with ten active contributions. Since we have excellent cooperation with renowned domestic and foreign research, education and clinical institutions and we want students to gain valuable international experience, we have also invited foreign students to participate in the student conference.

    On the web site under the banner of the 11th Student Conference on Health Sciences, we will keep you up to date on the events and timetable of the student conference. Also, the website will publish design and technical instructions for the authors and co-authors of the contributions, which will be published in the e-proceedings. The authors/co-authors will be able to present their contributions in the student conference with a PowerPoint presentation, as well as with this year's novelty – a poster presentation.

    We kindly ask each faculty/college to appoint one higher education teacher/co-worker who will assume the role of coordinator and promoter of the student conference at his/her institution. Please, send us the contact details of the named person by 15 December 2018 at e-mail address:

    Conference proceedings

    All contributions will be published in the e-proceedings of the student conference, each faculty/college determines its selection criteria and reviewers who will review and evaluate the contributions. All contributions will be entered into the COBISS system.

    Important dates for the student conference

    Date Task (forward to e-mail:
    15 Dec. 2018 Send the name of the contact person and logos of faculty/college in Word and vector form for the promotion of the event
    25 Jan. 2019 Send the names of the students, the titles of the contributions, the authors and co-authors who will participate with the presentation of a contribution/poster
    1 Apr. 2019 Send the opening address of the dean/president for publication in the Proceedings together with a photo
    15 Apr. 2019 Send the final reviewed and proofread contributions for the Proceedings together with the names of the reviewers and proofreaders
    15 May 2019 Send the final lists of participants to the organizer.

    You will receive additional information from Ms Ines Mlakar, Tel. 02 / 300-47-10 or via e-mail


    *The organizer reserves the right to change the programme.

    We are honoured that participants of the Conference will be addressed by two influential health care professionals, Barbara Stilwell, PhD and Professor Emeritus Anthony C. Butterworth, with a Plenary Lecture, presenting to students the international Nursing Now campaign that seeks to improve global health through appreciation of the profile and the status of nurses around the world, influencing policy makers and supporting nurses to lead, learn, and build a global movement.

    Barbara Stilwell, PhD, MS, BSocSc, RN, RHV, FRCN        

    Executive Director, Global Nursing Now Campaign, @bathebrit

    Barbara Stilwell took up the post of Executive Director of the Global Nursing Now Campaign in July 2018. Prior to this, she was Senior Director for Human Resources Solutions at IntraHealth International, based in Chapel Hill, USA. For the past 25 years, Barbara Stilwell has worked on international health workforce issues, first with the World Health Organization (WHO) based in Geneva and then with IntraHealth International. At the WHO, Stilwell helped change the organization’s approaches to performance improvement and served as the focal point on the migration of health workers, negotiating with ministers of health on strategies to address health worker migration. Barbara Stilwell has helped countries around the world to manage change and development in their own health workforces. In the UK Stilwell is best known for introducing the nurse practitioner role in general practice.

    Professor Emeritus Charles Anthony Butterworth, PhD, RN, CBE, FmedSci, FRCN, FRC (Psych), FRSA        

    Director, The Burdett Trust for Nursing

    Anthony Butterworth has extensive experience in research in nursing, especially in the field of psychiatric nursing and he is a world-renowned professor. He was a longtime Dean of the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work, University of Manchester, and later a Vice-rector at the University of Manchester. He was elected for the first president of the Academy of Nursing, Midwifery and Health Visiting Research. He founded EDTA (Education Development and Training) Foundation, was appointed as Non-Executive Director of the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement, Trent's Director of the NHS Workforce Development Confederation and Director of the Research Center for Clinical and Academic Workforce Innovation, University of Lincoln. We are honored that Prof Dr Butterworth is part of the academic community of University of Maribor Faculty of Health Sciences, since he is the co-principal lecturer of the subject Supervision.



    Guidelines for submissions

    Poster Guidelines


    PPT tamplate                               


    Tamplate 4 : 3

    Tamplate 16 : 9

    Partners in the project:


    We wish you and the students successful work, fulfilment of personal and professional expectations, and a lot of new ideas for research and education.

       Please note that filming/photography is taking place at this event for promotional purposes. For more information, click here.

     The event supported by:




    22.10.2018 - 09:00 to 13:00
    Sejna soba 124
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    University of Maribor Faculty of Health Sciences will, in cooperation with the Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland, organize a training workshop for employees in oncological nursing care on 22nd October 2018.

    Based on evidence-based nursing care the workshop will allow direct transfer of knowledge to treatment of patients in practice.

    The workshop, entitled "Oncology Care", will be led by renowned experts, Dr Suzanne Denieffe and Assist Prof Margaret Denny, PhD, therefore the workshop will be held in English language. Workshop fee is 100,00 EUR with VAT. Due to the limited number of participants, the deadline for on-line registering is no later than 8th October 2018.

    Workshop on Oncology Care

    Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Maribor

    22nd October 2018



    Prospective/Relevant attendees:

    Dr Suzanne Denieffe & Dr Margaret Denny           


    Academic /Clinical Staff

    Schedule: Monday 22nd  October 2018






    Care and Research

    9:00 to 10:00

    Current Issues in Oncology Treatment and Care

    Problems faced by cancer survivors-‘Nothing for us without us’

     Discuss  the ‘state of the art’ care in oncology

    10:00 to 11:00

    Methods in clinical cancer research methodology and cancer survivors- Case Studies

    Analyse methodological approaches in oncology research through case studies






    Methods in clinical cancer research methodology and cancer survivors- Case Studies and Analysis


    Critically discuss and define specific methodological approaches

    In oncology research that could be used to submit a research bid


    Dr  Suzanne  Denieffe






    Doc. dr. Margaret Denny






    03.12.2018 to 06.12.2018
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    In the series of events to celebrate 25 years of University of Maribor, Faculty of Health Sciences is hosting researchers, professors and clinical experts from the United States, Turkey and Scotland from 3rd till 6th of December 2018.

    UM FHS hosts kick off meeting of participants in the international research »Testing a Model of Nurse Job Satisfaction; An International Effort to Address the Quadruple Aim«, led by principal investigators from US Dr John Nelson from Healthcare Environment, Prof Dr Tricia Thomas and Dr Dawna Cato. The purpose of the research which will be carried out in the United States, Slovenia, Turkey, Scotland, Brazil, Canada, China, Israel, England and Jamaica is to test the international model of nurse job satisfaction. This study serves as an exemplar for international collaboration in research aimed at the quadruple aim: improving patient experience, population health, cost and work experience of the employees. Measuring job satisfaction of nursing staff is important because it not only relates to the outcomes of turnover and sick time, but also to outcomes such as burnout, quality of patient care and intention of staying in the organization. Results will be basis for continuous monitoring of nurse job satisfaction and preparation and testing of interventions aimed at improving job satisfaction.

    During the visit several lectures will be organized for employees, students and external collaborators of Faculty of Health Sciences. On this occasion, we invite all the clinical mentors from clinical environment who participate in the implementation of clinical training of UM FHS students. We kindly ask you to sign up for the lectures with the online application form.


    • On 3rd of December 2018, Dawna Cato, PhD will hold a lecture with title “Transition to Professional Practice Readiness”.
    • On 4th of December 2018, Professor Tricia Thomas, PhD will hold a lecture with title “Nursing Leadership: Issues and Perspectives”.
    • On 5th of December 2018, John W. Nelson, PhD will hold a lecture with title “Nurse Job Satisfaction, What and How are we Measuring this Globally?
    • On 6th of December 2018, John W. Nelson, PhD will hold a lecture with title “Building a Body of Research in Caring Science”.


    After the last lecture, we will solemnly conclude the celebration of the 25th anniversary of excellence of the University of Maribor, Faculty of Health Sciences in the faculty’s conference room. 25th anniversary was celebrated throughout the calendar year 2018. Faculty and the employees have strived to offer nursing and society a holistic education since the establishment. International, scientific and research activity is still a central focus in the development of the faculty. Through successful research work, collaboration with world known and highly regarded institutions and successful integration of students into research work, UM FHS has become an internationally recognized faculty.

    John W. Nelson, PhD, MS, RN is a President and Lead Analyst within Healthcare Environment, a company specializing in survey, data management and quality improvement research in healthcare.  He has also 30 years of nursing experience including acute and community care. Dr Nelson is a member of Sigma Theta Tau International, where he founded and led international research collaborative for 5 years. He published 2 books, over 30 chapters and 70 papers and speaking presentations and is international Content Expert and Psychometrician in constructs of caring science and job satisfaction in healthcare.



    Professor Tricia Thomas, PhD RN FACHE NEA-BC ACNS-BC CNL is Assistant Dean for Practice at Grand Valley State University, CookDeVos Health Science Center, Kirkhof College of Nursing. She is a recipient of several awards and has several Professional Memberships including also Sigma Theta Tau Honor Society. She published several books and over 50 book chapters focused on nursing leadership and administration, quality improvement, interprofessional teams, strategic planning and evidence-based practice. Her research interest encompasses nursing leadership, leadership coaching, and development, clinical leadership development, evidence-based practice and outcomes, care coordination/care transitions, strategies for interprofessional education, research and outcomes. In the past 10 years she has had nationally funded grants $4,185,000, centered on patient/staff safety, use of technology to prevent falls, smoking cessation, and advancing nursing education.


    Dawna Cato, PhD, MS.Ned, RN jis a President at Transition to Professional Practice Nurse Consulting, LCC, which specializes in design, implementation, and evaluation of evidence-based programs to expand professional nursing competence and confidence for safe quality patient care delivery. She has been teaching in both the academic and service sector since 2006. Her passion lies with advancing health and leading change to improve patient outcomes. Currently she is also the Lead for the Arizona State Education Practice Collaborative (EPC).




    Clinical Assistant Professor Kenny Oja, PhD, RN works at University of Arizona. His research interest encompasses hospital-based clinical nursing research, incivility in the nursing profession, creative teaching and learning in nursing education and practice, new graduate nurse transition to nursing practice. He is also RN Clinical Research Program Director in Banner University Medical Centre, Pheonix, Arizona. He’s responsible for encouraging staff nurses to identify opportunities for nursing research in order to plan and implement innovative and high-quality clinical nursing research studies, interpret data, and prepare reports on results in the form of peer-reviewed papers and scientific presentations.



    Professor Sebahat Gözüm, PhD, jis Dean at Akdeniz University, Faculty of Health Sciences. She has provided dissertation consultancies to over 14 students to improve evidence-based and advanced practice nursing roles. She has published more 65 peer reviewed articles. Her current research interests focus on development of public health nursing, community health, caregivers care, integrative nursing, complementary health approaches, scale adaptation, cancer screening (breast, colorectal, prostate) behaviours, transcultural nursing.




    Theresa Williamson is Associate Nurse Director from Golden Jubilee National Hospital from Scotland.